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There are many different ways how you may play Clash of Clans. One of the most entertaining strategy is Balloon Assault. This strategy has certain advantages and limitations ant we will try to cover them all in this text. We will share this strategy with you so you may pop up your enemies with smile!

Pumping your Balloons

1One balloon will require five house spaces and 8 minutes to be produced. So, if you try to train only Balloons’, you will need around 20 minutes with level 6 army camp, so it requires some time. Balloons are also very, very slow units with maximum speed of 10. That fact is very important because you need to adjust your strategy and adjust it to negate slow movement speed of units. Balloons have a preferred unit, it will target any defense building, just as Giants do from a ground. They will always attack defense buildings first, and only after they are destroyed, they will attack other structures. Do not forget that each upgrade above level 2 increases the Balloon’s damage by 50%! Also clash of clans cheats are amazing to get tons of gems and elixirs.

Attack phase

There are many different ways how you may start your air attack. Some players use vast majority of air units, Dragons and Balloons, sending a Dragon in front to destroy air defenses. After a Dragon destroys air defense, you may bring your Balloons and annihilate whole area. Negative side is a fact that such strategy will increase training time. Another option is to deploy fast units that will take down any defensive structure. Primary goal is to disable all air defense buildings. Your main focus should be to destroy air defenses as fast as possible. If your Balloons approach near to air defense buildings, you are in a trouble – air defense may destroy your Balloon in several hits! Simultaneously try to take Castle Defenders out because many players have Archers or Archer Queen that will attack your Air units. You may split your Balloons in several groups and attack air defense in various places in the base. Second strategy is to create major group and unleash your horde on defensive buildings.

One more point – Balloons are a really great unit to use in the Clan Castle. They will destroy Giants, Barbarians or Goblins, and on higher levels they have 500 health. Your opponent will need a lot of Archers to take them down.

Using Balloons as major unit in Clash of Clans is extremely fun way of playing. Try it and have fun!

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