PlayStation 4 Games for this spring

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Winter is over and you may ask yourself which PS4 games are the best at the moment? Here are some of best titles that you can play at the moment on PlayStation 4 platform and thrill yourself, or your friends with intense action and gameplay! Even if you just bought PlayStation 4 and do not have any experience in gaming, or you do not know what to expect, choosing following games will give you sublime experience.


Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition:

Here is great sequel to legendary Diablo 2, game that marked whole gaming epoch, it is available on your favorite PS4 emulator 2015. Dive yourself in a huge world of dark mysticism, magic, adventure and constant adrenaline rush. Ultimate Evil Edition will give you hours and hours of fun and endless combinations of skills search for more powerful items. In latest version, Auction House id finnaly cutted off Diablo 3, and you may concentrate on the core value of whole series – gameplay!

Is it little? Is it Big? No, its Little Big Planet 3

Another great game to spend hours and hours enjoying in a sequel of legendary series. It may look like a tricky game, but if you want to train your brain muscles for a while, you may found that this game is just a perfect game for you. It case great in-depth creator mode that will generate endless hours of fun for you and your friends.

Real spring time game – Flower!

Here is a perfect game for this spring, off course it is Flower! This is great chill-out game with excellent graphics. You will enjoy it! It is relaxing and cool, with superb graphical impact. Whole family will enjoy in this perfect spring game. Do not miss it!

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

When we are talking about flower here is another great spring game for PlayStation 4 – Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare! It has bright colors, cute cartoon and you will surely enjoy in whole atmosphere. It is first person shooter, and you will be able to choose your side in a game – will you be defensive flower or offensive zombie? Choice is yours!

Do you like speed?

If you are not so much in adventures or first person shooters, but you like to pump your adrenalin by driving here it is – Need for Speed: Rivals! It is latest game in Need for Speed series and many are saying it is, in did, the best game in a whole franchise. It is ultimate race and chase game that is almost better than driving a real car!

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