OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood

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It’s complex, stylish and a blast to play, setting the standard for what a sequel should be! Olliwood 2 takes everything that made the original great and improves on it.

This is an astonishing game with excellent levels, good game-play, lovely graphics, excellent soundtrack, and addictive challenges. This sequel improves every single aspect of the game, and delivers a great skating game, accessible, addictive and challenging. OlliOlli2 is a skateboarding game that sports simple controls but demands quick reflexes for success. It’s clear that the team behind the original OlliOlli understood the skateboarding at the centre of their game.OlliOlli2 truly captured the rhythm of skateboarding, use of kinetic energy and the presence of various landings. Game consist of 25 amateur levels with five different objectives.
The new hand-drawn look is almost perfect and much better animated than the old style. OlliOlli2’s visual style is a massive withdrawal from the pixelated graphics of the original game.You can easily obtain original game and Ollliolli 2 with free psn codes and play whole series from beginning to the end.

OlliOlli 2’s new locations and multiple path stages provide a absolute playground for a skateboard fans. The levels themselves are separated by five different worlds and you will need to master different techniques to pass them all. The campaign starts out with an well done tutorial covering the basic gameplay, then throws players into a series of five worlds, each with five levels, all of which have five special challenges to complete. Landing a manual after pulling off a grind allows players to keep a combo, allowing player to combine together a series of maneuvers into a single trick.

OlliOlli2 is polished, attractive game that delivers a collection of short levels with various difficulty modes, available to those that can meet a demanding list of unlock requirements. The control system is stylish and very well done. The majority of your actions will be performed with the stick, moving the stick in any direction to perform different grinds on relevant surfaces. A huge robot on a sci-fi set provides great opportunity for long grinds and new locations provide an absolute skate park for any player. The level design present more stylish stages that are at their best when challenging the player with numerous puzzles.
The biggest additions in OlliOlli2 are reverts, manuals, and revert manuals. That requires more concentration when it comes to landing. This places a greater emphasis on completing stages in one combo which is very hard greatly satisfying when you finally pull it off.

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