Magnificent 3D Out Run

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3D Out Run is a jewel among the games, easily available via, game that you may call classic or old-fashioned, but this game deserves to be played and honored by any serious player. These days, we are witness of graphic improvement, sharp, stunning visual effects, but a lot of modern games do not have what it takes to be played again and again. 3D Out Run is a game that have such spirit!

This game was one of the most popular games when it appears on SEGA consoles. This time it appears in 3ds version, with 3d stereoscopic surroundings. That decision gave new life, but feeling remained the same. This time M2, a company that was in charge for porting this SEGA game to 3ds’s made great job. The gameplay of 3D Out Run is absolutely same like original, so you will completely enjoy in this edition. The only difference between original game and this 3ds version is in absence of force feedback as it is trademark of SEGA games. Game is self is completely focused on pure action, in OutRun you will not be bothered with management or suspension problems, your only job are to drive.

For those who didn’t play original game, let us just mention that as a racer your goal is to combine, challenge and driving skills to make the best you can in this lovely racing game. There is always something to be accomplish in the game. 3D Out Run balances speed and difficulty on perfect way. What is spectacularly done in the game is feeling of speech! This sense of speed is amazing! You will completely enjoy in music that is present in the game. Some of the tunes are absolute masterpiece of gaming music like Splash Wave or Passing Breeze which are some of the finest music tunes I ever heard in my gaming career.3D Out Run offers you a lot of customization options that will help you to tune your car as you like. A lot of these customization options are unlocked after you complete the game. You can, for example change the color of your car or improve your handling. There is also a possibility to change difficulty level. For those guys that want to play at standard 30fps instead 60fps, there is also a option to change a frame rate. Menus are a little bit different than original game, but the essence of 3D Out Run is the same, it feels great and polished.

3D Out Run is one of the best titles ever made for SEGA 3D and it offers great gameplay and a fantastic atmosphere. If you can the neglect ancient graphics, that looks out-of-date in present time, you will discover superb gameplay and enjoyment that this present in this game. If you decide to play 3D Out Run it will show you once again why arcade games were so popular. The gameplay is absolutely magnificent it will evoke memories of old days.

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