Dark Secrets of Clash of Clans

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These Clash of Clans secrets will help you to dominate your opponents! Prepare your army it’s time for some serious gaming.

Drop Your Trophies

Here is trick number one – drop your trophies, so that you can be matched against easier opponents. The basic concept is to start a match and make sure you drop your hero in, drop trophies but not waste your troops or elixir. Then quickly quit the match and you will lose some of your trophies and now you can play against some easier foes. To the victory!

Walls – best defense strategy

One of the best defense strategies is to make multiple sets of walls and upgrade them as fast as possible. it’s important to keep on upgrading wooden walls, especially if you have higher level enemies against you. When we are talking about upgrading you want to make sure that all your defenses are maxed out, not just Walls. Upgrading too quickly may eventually slow you down and can leave your village fragile to approaching attacks.

How to save your elixir

There is a tricky way to save all of your elixir even if someone plunders your village! Is it possible? Yes, there is a little trick! If you queue more troops in your barracks you can always just cancel the troops and you will get the elixir! Great little trick! If you want to protect your resources this is really great option. For easy raids try to seek out for inactive players. Sometimes it may be hard to find right opponent, but with little determination you will be able to find opponents with gold mines and weak defenses without League Assignment that are very easy to raid.

Do not waste your Spells

Spells can be very luxurious and they also are very slow to produce, so make sure you save your spells and use them only when necessary. You may save your Spells for strong enemies which may be defeated only with Spells. Save your spells when they’re absolutely essential. You can determine whether to use a spell or not, by simple calculation – would using a spell give you the same amount of resources back or not? Players are usually too quick to draw out their Spells, but good strategy is to save your Spells for tough battles. With such simple and effective tips you can dominate the entire game! Here is another “dark secret” that we want to share with you. In a lack of resources, you can always add some more with clash of clans cheats 2015 available on a net. Pssst, we didn’t tell you anything! See you around, gamers!

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