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Okay friend gamers we finally decided to share with you some important tips and tricks that we collected in past two years playing everyday Clash of Clans! Yes, we will give you all these tips so that you can become a good players in this, we must admit, addictive game. Take your notes, remember and apply our tips and tricks!

At the beginning of the game, we mean at the absolute beginning do not use any gems provided by the tutorial. Believe us, you will need those precious gems in the later stages of the game. You do not want to buy additional gems, do you? So, save your gems check and use your gems them wisely. For example we used our gems to create another builder and speed construction time. At the beginning of the game, while you still have protection concentrate on building and upgrading your defenses, specifically your towers from the highest available one to the lowest one.That will create a solid defense line and protect you from barbarians and archers. Invest your resources into building and upgrading Walls as soon as possible. Upgrading of Walls will boost your defense so invest resources in that. As soon as possible upgrade your gold mines to at least level 5.

Also upgrade your elixir collectors to the highest available level. For the first attacks choose goblins as your main troops. It is very effective way to collect additional resources at the beginning stages of the game.If you are under attack and lose a battle you will lose some resources and trophies. Therefore, building a strong defense is very important to save any resource you can. Layout for your base is very important, try to build your base logically according to your preferred defensive structures. The most important tip for successful defense is to place your towers in such way that they protect each other. That means that for example archer tower should be within the range of the mortar tower. On that way one tower will protect other tower and you will successful defense line. Do not forget to place traps on strategic places such as gaps between the walls or empty spaces around towers. They care not to place your defenses on such way that they are exposed to the archers that can snipe them from the outside of the walls. Pay attention to this as it is one of the common mistakes in the game.

Upgrade the structures that are the most significant for your strategy, that will give them additional health points. Concentrate on building and upgrading towers with splash damage like Mortars and Wizard Towers to the highest possible level. Those towers are, in fact, your best line of defense. It is important that you upgrade those towers as soon as possible because they will deal much more damage. It is important to understand where to place those towers? In our experience, the best place is in the middle of the base. As soon as enemy destroy your walls that will come under the lethal fire of your Mortars and Wizards Towers.

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