How to use PlayStation Network

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Many PlayStation lovers use PlayStation Network, since it brings them a range of benefits. When you create a PSN account, you can buy games online as soon as they are published, without having to wait for the game to be published on disc. You can play the games online with your friends, get many games for free and get exclusive member discounts for trending PS games. With PSN account, you are not only able to buy the content for yourself, but you can also buy games and apps as a gift for someone else.

In order to create a PSN account, you need to be registered on the website of Sony Entertainment Network first. You will be required to provide your personal data such as name, address and the date of birth. The last piece of information is important because it determines the type of account you will be able to create.

network for psThere are two types of PSN accounts: master and sun-account. All users who are 18 or older can sign up for a master account. They can use it to create and fund an e-wallet and purchase all available online content, regardless of the rating. Sub-accounts are intended for the users older than 7 and younger than 18 years of age, and they come with certain limitations. First of all, a sub-account can only be created if it is linked to a master account. Then, as a holder of sub-account, you cannot create and fund the e-wallet. Parents can create sub-accounts for their children so they can purchase the games they like. However, if the game rating is not suitable for the child’s age, it may be banned for download from the sub-account.


When signing up for the PSN account, make sure to provide a valid email address, because you will be required to verify it. Also, this address will be used for receiving any important information regarding your account, as well as special offers and services. Pay attention when creating a password, make it sufficiently long and use the combination of numbers and letters. You will also be required to create an online ID or username. Keep in mind that you can only create it when opening the account and you cannot change it later, so make sure to choose carefully. Use the nickname you will like and remember.psn account create

When creating a PSN account, you can only create one related to a specific email. However, you can use it on multiple devices to log in, purchase and play the games. Also, you can add a sub-account onto your master account, so your child can use it to download and play the games.

When you create your account there is a possibility of obtaining vouchers for free. There are a lot of webstites that claim to give you PSN cards for free so it’s worth checking out. We recommend using trusted sources like this website.

There is one more thing to keep in mind. PSN is not available in all regions. Therefore, before creating the account, check whether it is available in your country. If it is not, you will not be able to purchase the online games or use discounts and other advantages related to the PSN account.

Magnificent 3D Out Run

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3D Out Run is a jewel among the games, easily available via, game that you may call classic or old-fashioned, but this game deserves to be played and honored by any serious player. These days, we are witness of graphic improvement, sharp, stunning visual effects, but a lot of modern games do not have what it takes to be played again and again. 3D Out Run is a game that have such spirit!

This game was one of the most popular games when it appears on SEGA consoles. This time it appears in 3ds version, with 3d stereoscopic surroundings. That decision gave new life, but feeling remained the same. This time M2, a company that was in charge for porting this SEGA game to 3ds’s made great job. The gameplay of 3D Out Run is absolutely same like original, so you will completely enjoy in this edition. The only difference between original game and this 3ds version is in absence of force feedback as it is trademark of SEGA games. Game is self is completely focused on pure action, in OutRun you will not be bothered with management or suspension problems, your only job are to drive.

For those who didn’t play original game, let us just mention that as a racer your goal is to combine, challenge and driving skills to make the best you can in this lovely racing game. There is always something to be accomplish in the game. 3D Out Run balances speed and difficulty on perfect way. What is spectacularly done in the game is feeling of speech! This sense of speed is amazing! You will completely enjoy in music that is present in the game. Some of the tunes are absolute masterpiece of gaming music like Splash Wave or Passing Breeze which are some of the finest music tunes I ever heard in my gaming career.3D Out Run offers you a lot of customization options that will help you to tune your car as you like. A lot of these customization options are unlocked after you complete the game. You can, for example change the color of your car or improve your handling. There is also a possibility to change difficulty level. For those guys that want to play at standard 30fps instead 60fps, there is also a option to change a frame rate. Menus are a little bit different than original game, but the essence of 3D Out Run is the same, it feels great and polished.

3D Out Run is one of the best titles ever made for SEGA 3D and it offers great gameplay and a fantastic atmosphere. If you can the neglect ancient graphics, that looks out-of-date in present time, you will discover superb gameplay and enjoyment that this present in this game. If you decide to play 3D Out Run it will show you once again why arcade games were so popular. The gameplay is absolutely magnificent it will evoke memories of old days.

Clash of Clans most used tips

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Okay friend gamers we finally decided to share with you some important tips and tricks that we collected in past two years playing everyday Clash of Clans! Yes, we will give you all these tips so that you can become a good players in this, we must admit, addictive game. Take your notes, remember and apply our tips and tricks!

At the beginning of the game, we mean at the absolute beginning do not use any gems provided by the tutorial. Believe us, you will need those precious gems in the later stages of the game. You do not want to buy additional gems, do you? So, save your gems check and use your gems them wisely. For example we used our gems to create another builder and speed construction time. At the beginning of the game, while you still have protection concentrate on building and upgrading your defenses, specifically your towers from the highest available one to the lowest one.That will create a solid defense line and protect you from barbarians and archers. Invest your resources into building and upgrading Walls as soon as possible. Upgrading of Walls will boost your defense so invest resources in that. As soon as possible upgrade your gold mines to at least level 5.

Also upgrade your elixir collectors to the highest available level. For the first attacks choose goblins as your main troops. It is very effective way to collect additional resources at the beginning stages of the game.If you are under attack and lose a battle you will lose some resources and trophies. Therefore, building a strong defense is very important to save any resource you can. Layout for your base is very important, try to build your base logically according to your preferred defensive structures. The most important tip for successful defense is to place your towers in such way that they protect each other. That means that for example archer tower should be within the range of the mortar tower. On that way one tower will protect other tower and you will successful defense line. Do not forget to place traps on strategic places such as gaps between the walls or empty spaces around towers. They care not to place your defenses on such way that they are exposed to the archers that can snipe them from the outside of the walls. Pay attention to this as it is one of the common mistakes in the game.

Upgrade the structures that are the most significant for your strategy, that will give them additional health points. Concentrate on building and upgrading towers with splash damage like Mortars and Wizard Towers to the highest possible level. Those towers are, in fact, your best line of defense. It is important that you upgrade those towers as soon as possible because they will deal much more damage. It is important to understand where to place those towers? In our experience, the best place is in the middle of the base. As soon as enemy destroy your walls that will come under the lethal fire of your Mortars and Wizards Towers.

OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood

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It’s complex, stylish and a blast to play, setting the standard for what a sequel should be! Olliwood 2 takes everything that made the original great and improves on it.

This is an astonishing game with excellent levels, good game-play, lovely graphics, excellent soundtrack, and addictive challenges. This sequel improves every single aspect of the game, and delivers a great skating game, accessible, addictive and challenging. OlliOlli2 is a skateboarding game that sports simple controls but demands quick reflexes for success. It’s clear that the team behind the original OlliOlli understood the skateboarding at the centre of their game.OlliOlli2 truly captured the rhythm of skateboarding, use of kinetic energy and the presence of various landings. Game consist of 25 amateur levels with five different objectives.
The new hand-drawn look is almost perfect and much better animated than the old style. OlliOlli2’s visual style is a massive withdrawal from the pixelated graphics of the original game.You can easily obtain original game and Ollliolli 2 with free psn codes and play whole series from beginning to the end.

OlliOlli 2’s new locations and multiple path stages provide a absolute playground for a skateboard fans. The levels themselves are separated by five different worlds and you will need to master different techniques to pass them all. The campaign starts out with an well done tutorial covering the basic gameplay, then throws players into a series of five worlds, each with five levels, all of which have five special challenges to complete. Landing a manual after pulling off a grind allows players to keep a combo, allowing player to combine together a series of maneuvers into a single trick.

OlliOlli2 is polished, attractive game that delivers a collection of short levels with various difficulty modes, available to those that can meet a demanding list of unlock requirements. The control system is stylish and very well done. The majority of your actions will be performed with the stick, moving the stick in any direction to perform different grinds on relevant surfaces. A huge robot on a sci-fi set provides great opportunity for long grinds and new locations provide an absolute skate park for any player. The level design present more stylish stages that are at their best when challenging the player with numerous puzzles.
The biggest additions in OlliOlli2 are reverts, manuals, and revert manuals. That requires more concentration when it comes to landing. This places a greater emphasis on completing stages in one combo which is very hard greatly satisfying when you finally pull it off.

Dark Secrets of Clash of Clans

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These Clash of Clans secrets will help you to dominate your opponents! Prepare your army it’s time for some serious gaming.

Drop Your Trophies

Here is trick number one – drop your trophies, so that you can be matched against easier opponents. The basic concept is to start a match and make sure you drop your hero in, drop trophies but not waste your troops or elixir. Then quickly quit the match and you will lose some of your trophies and now you can play against some easier foes. To the victory!

Walls – best defense strategy

One of the best defense strategies is to make multiple sets of walls and upgrade them as fast as possible. it’s important to keep on upgrading wooden walls, especially if you have higher level enemies against you. When we are talking about upgrading you want to make sure that all your defenses are maxed out, not just Walls. Upgrading too quickly may eventually slow you down and can leave your village fragile to approaching attacks.

How to save your elixir

There is a tricky way to save all of your elixir even if someone plunders your village! Is it possible? Yes, there is a little trick! If you queue more troops in your barracks you can always just cancel the troops and you will get the elixir! Great little trick! If you want to protect your resources this is really great option. For easy raids try to seek out for inactive players. Sometimes it may be hard to find right opponent, but with little determination you will be able to find opponents with gold mines and weak defenses without League Assignment that are very easy to raid.

Do not waste your Spells

Spells can be very luxurious and they also are very slow to produce, so make sure you save your spells and use them only when necessary. You may save your Spells for strong enemies which may be defeated only with Spells. Save your spells when they’re absolutely essential. You can determine whether to use a spell or not, by simple calculation – would using a spell give you the same amount of resources back or not? Players are usually too quick to draw out their Spells, but good strategy is to save your Spells for tough battles. With such simple and effective tips you can dominate the entire game! Here is another “dark secret” that we want to share with you. In a lack of resources, you can always add some more with clash of clans cheats 2015 available on a net. Pssst, we didn’t tell you anything! See you around, gamers!