5 New and Totally Awesome Gaming Technologies

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New gaming technologies

Developing faster than ever before, and this year has given dedicated gamers plenty of new and exciting options to choose from. Some of these technologies may not be considered revolutionary in the classic sense. However, all of them provide a new and totally awesome approach to online games. So, here are five of the coolest innovations in 2014:

1. Project Morpheus from Sony


This is not the first virtual reality headset there is, yet, in comparison to the previous models, it totally rocks! Sony made a huge effort at quality, definition, and calibration. When you strap on the headset, you actually ‘get into’ the screen. You can ditch cars, bullets, or any other obstacles with the move of your head. In comparison to a traditional console, such experience is truly unforgettable! Sure, there is some room for the improvement in terms of calibration, but Sony totally got the idea right.

2. Just Dance Now from Ubisoft

Just Dance Now

The idea is not new, but Ubisoft made some important improvements. First of all, their technology allows Just Dance Now to pack up to 20 000 people in one game, which is more than impressive. The data is stored on web servers, and the video is streamed to your screen in real-life mode. Plus, it can accommodate mobile users. It will be definitely available for iOS and Android users, and is promised to stay affordable on both platforms.

3. Sentry Eye Tracker from Steel Series

Sentry Eye Tracker

Plenty of tools and technologies implement eye tracking, yet it is relatively new to the gaming world. With Sentry Eye Tracker, you can now control your game flow with eyes instead of the control options. Supposedly, if you glance at your target, you will be able to destroy it quicker. This theory will still have to be confirmed; yet for now, it makes perfect sense.

4. Control VR.

Control VR

Not only eyes, but also your entire body movements can now be tracked. The idea has been there for quite a while, yet so far it has not been properly implemented. Control VR uses special rotational sensors placed around the players’ chest, arms, forearms, and hands. With the help of this device, the game will fix all of your movements, you will have a chance to wave at other players, and do plenty of other cool stuff.

5. Square Enix from Project Flare.

There have already been some attempts of transferring games into the cloud, yet none of them could be considered truly successful before Square Enix. If you wonder what’s in it for you, the answer is simple. Cloud – stored games can accommodate more users and create more complicated worlds, which can gradually revolutionize the virtual gaming reality.

Given that 2014 already gave us some new and exciting gaming technologies, we should only hope that 2015 will not be disappointing either. As for the predictions – perhaps, more games will be transferred to the cloud, and even more virtual reality devices will be introduced. This is the general trend. Yet, who knows what else is there to come…

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    max said:
    November 13, 2014 at 4:42 pm

    Awesome info guys, whats the ETA on GTA 5 for PC , do you know ?

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