New Playstation 4 features in 2015

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The PlayStation has long been regarded as the most popular gaming console in the world. And with the fourth version of it, Sony seems to have introduced a new postmodern gaming console. Essentially, the Play station is a refreshing departure from the conventional gaming console. It is certainly more than just about gaming. The new features allow you to watch movies, stream games and videos online, and so much more. You can do just bout anything that can be done on a TV Screen, with this console.

psn games

There are some disputes about if the PSN will be shut down in 2015 but we can not know more until official statement from Sony. That would be really sad because it would make tools such as psn code generator no longer work.

Several input points

Of course, like the previous versions of Play station 3, you can enjoy several input options, including ultra-fast USB connection ports, HDMI cables, and a DVD drive for your games. More improvements have been done with the New PlayStation 4 features in 2015.

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5 New and Totally Awesome Gaming Technologies

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New gaming technologies

Developing faster than ever before, and this year has given dedicated gamers plenty of new and exciting options to choose from. Some of these technologies may not be considered revolutionary in the classic sense. However, all of them provide a new and totally awesome approach to online games. So, here are five of the coolest innovations in 2014:

1. Project Morpheus from Sony


This is not the first virtual reality headset there is, yet, in comparison to the previous models, it totally rocks! Sony made a huge effort at quality, definition, and calibration. When you strap on the headset, you actually ‘get into’ the screen. You can ditch cars, bullets, or any other obstacles with the move of your head. In comparison to a traditional console, such experience is truly unforgettable! Sure, there is some room for the improvement in terms of calibration, but Sony totally got the idea right.

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